Chapter 1- The Beginning

It all started with the love from my dad…

My dad has always been a hard working man. The only thing I longed for were those sweet words, “I love you.” I grew up in a two parent household, a pretty healthy one at that, but… there goes that BUT again… I needed to hear those words from my daddy. He has never been an emotional person, which was harder for me to accept back then, but it was the beginning of a battle I fought within.

My first “real” boyfriend, we’ll call him Tom, I met my 10th grade year. It lasted maybe three months before I found out he cheated on me. This was my first heartbreak. The boy told me he loved me and of course we’d be together forever. As any young lady would, I believed him. I held onto those words because I needed to hear it, I wanted to hear it. I look back and wonder why the hell was I dating him? What did I see in him? and what did he bring to the table? I mean, I was only in the 10th grade– what the hell did I even have to offer? lol

The lesson and the words I learned from good ‘ol Tom was… “You can love somebody and not be with them.” Still til this day, I use his quote. Thank you Tom for your kind words (in the most “sarcastic” way). Lesson learned? Not just yet….




14 thoughts on “Chapter 1- The Beginning

  1. Well said! It takes a lot to publicly reflect on your past, especially the parts that aren’t so pretty. But we’ve all been there and I’m sure everyone can relate and has had their own “ TOM” once or twice! Lol 😂 Thank you for being transparent and sharing

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