Chapter 2- Senior Year

I met the love of my life!

It was senior year (class of 2008), second semester; Myspace was “poppin” and I was on “Marc’s” top 5. I was introduced to Marc by a mutual guy friend. It was perfect, my best friend at the time was talking to “him” and so what the heck. That’s when my best friend DARED me to “talk” to Marc, so I did. Marc picked me up from my house and took me out on our first date (to the movies- I don’t advise anyone making this a first date). My experience was dull and I was ready to go home. Once the movie was done, we went back to his house.

The first sign to a troubled start, was when he didn’t introduce me to his family that were standing in the kitchen. I walked in BEHIND him as he sped off to his bedroom. I stopped in shock and introduced myself. In my mind I said “I guess some of us come from a different cloth.” That night was a total drag. I thought to myself “Lord, I am so happy to be home.”

Weeks went by and TA-DA! I get a text from Marc… and the rest was history. Instead of reading the signs, I tested the water. He was different, he was cute and what I didn’t know was that he was a player. I fell in “love”. The signs were there, but I was too blind to see.

We were 17 and 18, didn’t really need to be out in the real world. Our world revolved around school, friends and each other. When people say “women grow faster than men,” believe it. In my case, it was so true. We were opposites. He was my project. I wanted to better him and that was my focus. So for the next 9 1/2 years, I vowed to do so- through thick and thin… He was the love of my life, or at least I thought so.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 2- Senior Year

  1. Girl I felt this in my soul. When you said he was your project and the length of time, that hit home for me. Spending so much time trying to change someone and seeing their potential versus their actions. Whew! Doing so lead me down a long road of back and forth and being with someone who was clearly never going to change. It’s all a lesson in the end 🙏🏾🙏🏾


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