He really screwed up this time!!!

Marc wasn’t too excited about me going out of the city without him, yet alone, the country. It was June of 2016 when I went to Honduras to visit family (after 10 years of not going) and felt the peace and happiness I longed for. I spoke to Marc here and there since I wasn’t around WIFI to call him freely, without being charged. While away, he tried giving me a hard time, but my spirit was calm and I was not concerned about how he felt. FINALLY! It took me going away and seeing a different lifestyle I could have to finally stop allowing him to dictate my life.

My vacation came to an end.

Once I got home, I knew Marc would want to see me and of course I had to go to his house because he wasn’t allowed over mine. We planned a date night the same day I landed back home in Houston. Unfortunately, I got sick and we have to postpone the date. Friday came and I was mellow about going out since I knew I’d be going “half” on our DATE. I called Marc to check and see if we were still on. A few calls later he finally responded and claimed that he was with his daughter and they were tired. Fishy huh? That’s what I thought; I said, “So are we not going out anymore?” He got super angry because I was apparently being selfish. So I apologized and told him not to worry, that we could go another day. BUT, I also let him know I was going out to dance with some friends (I knew he wouldn’t go for that). We argued for hours until finally he told me to get ready that we were going out. I expressed that I didn’t want to anymore, but THEN I was told I was being EXTRA and to hurry up and get ready.

Once I and I did say I…. went to pick HIM up after our long drawn out argument, my stomach was turning and I had a gut feeling he was up to no good. Marc got in my car and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “I don’t know what you’re up to or doing, but I have a feeling you’re NOT being loyal to me AND when I find out, I’m leaving your ass for good.” Do you know what he told me? He said I was TRIPPIN like ALWAYS… anyways… we got to the bar and had a good time; mind you, Marc and I got along when we were drinking. Once the bar was closing, he said he could drive since I was intoxicated. As we drove back to his house at 2 in the morning, we had to stop at a nearby gas station (down the street from his house). Marc’s dumbass threw up all over MY steering wheel and driver side door. At this point I was livid, but I wanted to get him home so that I could head home myself. I drove, in his throw-up and gagged the whole way home.

Once we got to his house, he ran inside and finished what he started in my car. I got him settled in bed and water to drink, I decided to leave him so he could rest. The ONLY problem was…. he LOST my car key. Then there it was…. HIS PHONE….IN MY CAR… the one he ALWAYS faced down when I was around, the one he kept locked and the one he changed contact names so I didn’t know which female he picked up that time. My heart never raced so fast, other than the time I found out he got someone pregnant. I picked up his locked iphone and tried to unlock it (I didn’t succeed). Thanks to the missed call notification on his screen, I swiped left and called “CHELC”, who called 3 times after 1am.

As the phone rang, the other person on the other line answered so seductively.  I gathered any and every information I could from HER as I walked back to his room. She told me that they were dating and I expressed that we have been dating for almost 10 years. Once I made it to Marc’s bedroom, he went from passed out to ALERT in 2.5 seconds. Marc got angry and snatched his phone from me asking me WTF did I think I was doing… while throwing his phone across the bedroom. I thought to myself, “I’ve seen this pattern too many times.” I told Marc that “WE ARE DONE.” That wasn’t the first time I said that, so of course he didn’t believe me. In the mist of all the drama, I texted my brother to bring my spare key. As he waited outside for me, I wanted 1 more finally EXIT… I left with a BANG! literally. I punched the shit out of him on his nose. Boy did it feel good. By this time, I stormed out of his house and started yelling and screaming like a mad woman. I told my brother, “BRO! BRO! this dude cheated on me AGAIN bro!” It wasn’t funny then, but it is now. My brother replied, “Kim, stfu and get in the car before the neighbors call the police on you.” I got in and LEFT………

Lesson to learn

I’ve done enough reminiscing on why I was so lost and foolish, but the reality is … when you’re dealing with a person who is a manipulator, it’s hard if your mind isn’t strong enough to know how to deal with people like that. So my advice is to be kind to yourself, love yourself and know your worth. Secondly, follow your gut feeling. We have been blessed with that intuition. Thirdly, don’t play the break up game, because when you finally WALK, he/she won’t believe you.

You are beautiful inside and out.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 7- CAUGHT RED HANDED

  1. What’s done in the dark always finds its way to light. You didn’t even have to go looking for it. I love that the universe works that way🙌🏾 I’m ready for chapter 8. Chapter 7 was a game changer

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  2. Wow you deserved a lot better than that and really halves on dates , picking him up and tucking him in at night. Glad you are out of that relationship.


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