The Woman On the Other Side of the Mirror- Part One

Let’s talk…

Has anyone ever approached you and told you they were dating or sleeping with your man/woman? or better yet, what about running into the “other” woman/man in public, just to find out they’re dating too. This one though… has anyone ever popped up on you while you were on a date, just to catch their lying boyfriend? I definitely should have my own Tele Novela (lol) aka soap opera, because I’ve been in these listed positions lol.


Story time

There was once a day I had to bail Marc out of jail. Yes, I was the ride or die type lol. Little did I know, I would be meeting the “other” chick. I left work and headed to pick Marc up, but somehow missed the memo that he had to pay county and city bail. While waiting outside for hours, I met another woman who was also waiting on her “boyfriend.” We spoke and tried to kill time, but I ended up having to go back to work. Before leaving, we exchanged numbers just in case one of us ran into the group of men, including “our” boyfriend who were scheduled to be released. Once my work day was over, I contacted the woman to see if she heard of anything about her boyfriend being released… that is when she said HIS name>>>>


blog post 2

My heart dropped!!!! I then started asking her a slew of questions to find out how they met and how long they’ve been messing around; she then went from saying boyfriend to friend. There I was… acting shocked as if I didn’t already know how much of a snake my “boyfriend” was. In our conversation, this woman expressed that she has been around his best friend and his home. Telling me things that got him caught red handed.  I was so heated that I encouraged both of us to drive (separate cars) to his house only to extend the drama of not only the fact that Marc wasn’t released, but the infidelity. I went straight to the source: Marc’s mother.

Back then, I was naive, gullible and insecure. His mother and hell, even his family watched women come in and out of their home and smiled in my face, yet… I still kept going back- toxic much? uhhh yea.

Back to the story- of course the family was telling me they never met this new woman. Of course his family sided with him and claimed this woman to be crazy, that he was not cheating. Since I had paid for Marc’s bail, I asked his mother for my money back… told them that the new b* could help him pay for it (she gave me my shit back lol). Later that day, Marc called me…. boy was I waiting for that call… cursing him out and sending him straight to hell. There I was… being naive and gullible AGAIN… It must have been 3 or 4 in the morning when Marc was knocking at my front door, begging my mom to let him talk to me. Side note- my mom hated him, so that was a no go for her. AND… of course once he called me enough times, after being rejected from seeing me, I ANSWERED. He begged, pleaded and expressed that I was “trippin,” saying that the woman was lying and TA-DA… next thing I know, a random woman calls me after I hang up on Marc. The woman expressed by saying  “I’m sorry I lied about me dating and sleeping with Marc.” After the fighting, yelling and crying….Guess who stayed in that toxic ass relationship?… Yep, ME.

Lesson to be Learned

It’s pretty self explanatory while reading this story. The signs are always there. Follow your gut feeling, because one thing I’ve learned, it never fails you. The pattern a person expresses to you will show if there is someone else. The way you get them, is the way you’ll lose them. From the very beginning, I saw the signs, but ignored them. Don’t let that be you.

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